Pir Ahmed Zaman Town Karachi

Jun 16, 2023

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Pir Ahmed Zaman Town is the housing society by M/S Dadabhoy Housing Pvt Ltd. The Dadabhoy family’s remarkable journey in Pakistan commenced approximately half a century ago when the late Mr. Abdul Ghani Dadabhoy chose Karachi as his new home.

The Society named after Pir Ahmed Zaman, also recognized as Khawaja Ahmed Zaman renowned as SUFI SAINT, was the sixth spiritual successor (Jansheen) following Khawaja Muhammad Zaman, who inspired many people. The shrine of Pir Ahmed Zaman has a significant influence in the areas along the border of India and Pakistan. Notably, Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of the Indian National Congress, also visited Pir Ahmed Zaman.

Builder’s Reputaion of Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

Dadabhoy Builders, renowned for their highest standards of housing societies and unwavering commitment to quality, introduced the Pir Ahmed Zaman Housing Society in 1980 with a visionary outlook. Backed by a 99-year lease and approximately half of the plots are builder transfer or non-lease, this project has stood the test of time, solidifying its position as a trusted and sought-after destination for aspiring homeowners and investors alike.

Blocks and Infrastructure of Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

Pir Ahmed Zaman Housing Society comprises four distinct blocks, each with its own boundary wall and gate , ensuring a secure and private living environment. These blocks are interconnected by large and small roads, across each other meticulously designed to enhance connectivity and accessibility for all residents.

Residential and Commercial Plots in Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

Variety of plot sizes meets exactly your needs. With three residential categories spanning 120, 240, and 400 square yards, as well as two commercial plot categories of 100 square yards and 400 square yards, complete with 200 ft and 400 ft roads, Pir Ahmed Zaman Society provides a comprehensive range of choices to accommodate all preferences.

Comprehensive Land and Plot Details of Pir Ahmed Zaman

Total Land of Pir Ahmed Zaman Town is 114 Acre which is divided into four blocks. Each block has different categories of plots and having its own entrance and boundary wall. Plots are available for re-sale and the price ranges are below.

Block 1Total PlotsCurrent Price Range
120 square yards-Residential50060 Lacs
70 Lacs
100 square yards-Commercial7595 Lacs
2 Crore
Hospital1On Call
Marriage Hall1On Call
NOTE: Call us to find the reason of huge gap between 100 Sq. Yds. comm. plots price.
Block 2Total PlotsCurrent Price Range
240 square yards-Residential27785 Lacs
1.15 Crores
400 square yards-Residential2871.10 Crore
1.40 Crore
77 square yards-Commercial19585 Lacs
1.25 Crore
400 square Yards-Commercial164 Crore
4.25 Crore
Hospital1On Call
Marriage1On Call
School1On Call
Block 3Total PlotsCurrent Price Range
120 square yards-Residential39035 Lacs
40 Lacs
240 square yards-Residential26852 Lacs
65 Lacs
400 square yards-Residential84Rates not applicable
100 square yards-Commercial4435 Lacs
40 Lacs
Hospital1On Call
School1On Call
NOTE: Call us to find out why 400 Sq. Yds rates are not applicable.
Block 4Total PlotsCurrent Price Range
120 square yards-Residential27350 Lacs
65 Lacs
240 square yards-Residential26075 Lacs
1 Crore
400 square yards-Residential1471.10 Lacs
1.40 Crore
100 square yards-Commercial1731.25 Lacs
1.40 Crore

Current Development, Available Utilities And Population In Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

Out of the four blocks, only Block 1 has residents who have moved in after constructing their homes. Here’s a breakdown of the population percentage in each block to help you plan your move to Pir Ahmed Zaman Town.

Block 1

Out of the 500 plots available, 35 houses have been constructed to date, and residents are now enjoying the comfort of their own homes. In terms of utilities, there is electricity and water available, and the sewerage lines has already been installed. However, Sui Gas is not available in block 1. Additionally, the streets are well-maintained with all the side pavers properly fixed in place However, the streets are currently awaiting the application of tarcoal (DAAMER) to be surfaced.

Block 2

Eight houses have been built by their owners, although no one has started living in them yet. It seems like everyone is giving others a chance to move in first, just like the saying in Lucknow, “PEHLAY AP, PEHLAY AP” :).

There is no utilities available at this stage however electric polls, water lines, sewerage lines has been properly fixed. Main road outside the boundary wall of block 2 has been carpeted recently by the government authority.

Block 3

Only one house have been built and no one started living in it yet. The condition of development and utility availability is identical to that of Block 2.

Block 4

Only the boundary wall of Block Four has been constructed, and at present, there are no development or utility services in place.

Outskirts of Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

On the North

Gulshan-e-Usman, Sachal Sarmast Town, Saima Paari Apartment, Saima Preminum Residency Apartment, Roomi Icon Apartment, Rufi Global City Society, Super Hightway, Gulshan Maymar and Northern bypass.

On the East

Hakeem Villas, Gulshan-e-Mahran Society, Mehran Town, Abuzar Ghaffari Society, Jinnah Avenue, and Malir Cantt.

On the South

Saadi Town Block 7, Police Housing Society, Falcon Housing Society, Karachi Airport, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Malir Halt, and Printing Press of Pakistan.

On the West

All Blocks of Saadi Town except Block 7, Saadi Garden, Amroha Society, Soomra Society, Safoora Chowrangi, Ahsan Town, Greenwood Residency, Abbas Town, and Sohrab Goth.

Transportation: Roads and Connectivity

Pir Ahmed Zaman enjoys excellent connectivity through several major roads. Jinnah Avenue provides quick access to the Super Highway, also known as the M-9 Motorway, in just 5 minutes. This highway is a vital route connecting Karachi to Hyderabad and other parts of Sindh. Conversely, Jinnah Avenue can get you to Karachi International Airport in just 10 minutes.

Heading west, the Saadi Town road offers easy access to the main university road in a 7-8 minute drive from the Pir Ahmed Zaman Town gate.

Nearest Shopping Centre and Restaurants to Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

Saima Icon Mall, an upscale shopping destination developed by Saima Builders and Developers, Omega Mall by Soneri Builders and Developers, and Chase Plus at University Road, have already opened their doors to the public, addressing various shopping needs.

Within a short walk, in Saadi Town, you’ll discover a variety of tea cafes where families gather in the evening to enjoy the pleasant weather. Noteworthy dining establishments like Grace Super Market in Saadi Town, Rajput Biryani at Safoora Chowrangi and Wake n Crave in Amroha Society, as well as several fast-food options including McDonald’s and Hot n Spicy, are readily accessible. If you have a sweet tooth, you can satisfy your cravings at Hafiz Sweets, Baskin Robbins (an ice cream shop), Deliza (a cake shop), and United Bakers. Additionally, large grocery stores like Al-Jadeed Super Mart and Bin-Hashim Super Market are dedicated to serving the Pir Ahmed Zaman Town community with excellence.

Education and Public Services Near to Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

Pir Ahmed Zaman Town is conveniently located amidst a range of essential amenities. Within easy reach, you’ll discover schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, parks, mosques, and recreational areas. You can reach all of these places within a 5 to 15-minute drive.


  1. City School
  2. Beacon House School
  3. Army Public School
  4. Kent Schooling System-Saadi campus
  5. Debs Schooling System-Saadi campus
  6. Ittehad Welfare Foundation School
  7. FG Public School
  8. Shah Wilayat Campus II at Amroha Society


  1. Fazaia Inter College
  2. PAF Inter College
  3. Government Degree Science & Commerce College – Malir Cantonment
  4. Concordia College Malir campus
  5. Government Degree College Malir Cantt Girls Block
  6. Jinnah College of Information Technology
  7. Army Public Intermediate College – Malir Cantonment
  8. Kent College


  1. Karachi University.
  2. Ned University of Engineering and Technology
  3. Virtual University of Pakistan Malir Campus
  4. Allama Iqbal Open University, Regional Malir Campus


  1. CMH Hospital Malir Cantt
  2. Memon Medical Hospital
  3. Atia General Hospital Malir
  4. NICVD Chest Pain Unit at CBM Health Center, Malir Cantt. Karachi
  5. Nehal Hospital kalaboard Malir
  6. Kiran Hospital

Public Buildings

  1. Nadra Office
  2. FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) Income Tax Office
  3. Pakistan Post
  4. District and Sessions Courts Malir Karachi

Parks, Sports Ground, and Family Fun Zone

  1. Ladies Park Malir Cantt
  2. Shaheed Maryam Mukhtiar Ladies Park
  3. Fatima Jinnah Park
  4. Mahnoor Park
  5. Fatima Sughra Family Park
  6. Cantonment Board Park
  7. Triangular Park DOHS-2 
  8. Safi Shaheed Park


Each of these banks provides 24-hour ATM machines at their branches for your convenience.

  1. Meezan Bank Limited
  2. Bank Al-Habib
  3. Habib Bank Limited
  4. Standard Chartered Bank
  5. Faysal Bank
  6. MCB Bank

Safety and Security of Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

Safety and security of Pir Ahmed Zaman Town are notably strong due to proactive measures taken by the Builder. Each block has its own security guards who are continuously presence and vigilant, ensuring a 24-hour watch over the area.

Advantages of Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

  1. Pir Ahmed Zaman Town ranks among the top five societies in Scheme 33.
  2. Each block contains a limited number of plots, indicating that the society can be well-maintained for an extended period like other small successful societies Tipu Sultan, Judicial Revenue, Police Housing Society.
  3. Currently, plot prices are lower, but they are expected to increase in the near future. You can purchase a plot for half the price compared to neighboring societies.
  4. Investing in a commercial plot holds significant profit potential for the near future, whether for resale or business purposes.
  5. The key point is that even leased plots are priced lower compared to builder transfer plots, primarily due to the builder’s excellent reputation.

Disadvantages of Pir Ahmed Zaman Town

  1. Currently, If you decide to make Pir Ahmed Zaman your home at this stage, you might experience some isolation.
  2. I’m not sure if this should be considered a negative point, but it’s important to inform our users that there are high extension wires running alongside the road adjacent to Blocks 2, 3, and 4, though not directly above any block.

Expert Conclusion/Suggestion by allpakproperties.com

Recommended: Buy for living, buy for renting, long-term investment, short-term investment. construct house for selling purpose.

Not Recommended: We do not recommend to wait for buying a property in Pir Ahmed Zaman Town.

Suggestion: Immediate buying and keep it even for a short period of time would be highly beneficial for the plot holder of Pir Ahmed Zaman Town.

Important Note by allpakproperties.com

We will re-evaluate the prices after every three months if there is any change in the market price.

Google Pinpoint Location of Pir Ahmed Zaman Town Karachi

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